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The school year began and with it, we started the face-to-face project!

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The faculty of teachers enthusiastic about the ABITO Project, when we presented it to them in September, did not hesitate a second to open the doors of the infant and primary education classrooms to present the readings to the Novés reading crew.


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The House of Culture of Cábañas de la Sagra also opened the doors for our captains to recruit reading boys from their library and school.

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From the Novés school, children in Early Childhood Education have been given a workshop on how to travel safely by boat. Images have been made with different parts and elements of the ship, and in each of them a text.

P. Eg: on the deck you can not run for safety, because we are outdoors, and it is a common area for crew members and passengers.

If a man falls into the water, we must help him, throw him a life preserver or rope, and if we do not see a life preserver at hand, notify a member of the crew so that they can notify and the sailors do the Rescue. When the concept was assimilated, we went to another sheet, and in the end with all of them we have made a notebook.

The workshop was held over several days at the school. With the teachers of "teachers" under the supervision of the coordinating captain: the librarian.