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Our project aims to spread around the world, and to attract the youngest, and the Z generation, we created our Escape room "CIRCUMDEDISTI ME".

And to encourage participation we created a competition!!

And if on the one hand it was already served individually between two of our libraries, whose users will be able to access a specific prize, a competition has been held within the schools.

Three teams demonstrating their knowledge about going around the world after reading in the classrooms, 38 people in total playing our escape room, each one strengthening their group, demonstrating their coordination and research capacity, having fun while they learned and discovered some curiosities more about the Circumnavigation of Magellan and Elcano!
And it is that our game forms, informs and arouses curiosity, as they told us at the end of it.

Once again, the Nuestra Señora de la Monjía Public School and the San Isidro Public School supporting us in our project and collaborating with the Public Libraries of Toledo.


 actividad escape room1Actividad escape room2

actividad escape room3